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The 01 Jewelry Story

01 Jewelry Ltd,a class “A” factory, ranks the second biggest supplier of silver charms and beads and fashion jewelry, locates at Panyu, China.  01 established in 2008 with 32 professionals, engineers & technicians with full advanced facilities & technical library providing fast turnaround prototyping (14 days) with SOP (Standard Operation Process) for trouble-free manufacturing.  We also provide punctual deliv-ery schedule (4 weeks) with ONE to N pieces the same look and good quality under RoHS standard. Especially our sophisticated stone gluing process records 99.5% pa-ss rate in the production run.

The customers’ product proprietary and confidentiality are our major concern.  In fact we have created over 2,000 designs in silver charms beads and 500 silver ite-ms directly and indirectly for the leading brand name companies

Not only we can help our customer sustain a high quality standard and also sho-rten the whole product development cycle by half, virtually double their output at the same period of time, guarantee the product time to market.  As a result, our cu-stomer could be able to benefi t from working with us by keeping the Quality, Desi-gn & Cost leadership in the competitive market environment.

Working Hours

Country                                   Time
China 08:30-12:00am  13:00-17:30pm
USA 19:30-23:00pm  00:00-04:30am



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